looking for PhD student

looking for PhD student

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Call for expressions of interest for PhD students who would like to join us for Computational Intelligence, Brain Computer Interface, and Biomedical Signal (especially EEG signals) Processing research.

The Computational Intelligence & Brain-Computer Interface Centre (CIBCI) in the University of Technology Sydney, Australia, is looking for PhD students. Our main research goal focuses on translational neuroscience and machine intelligent systems, including algorithm development and brain-computer interface design. The research areas span from cognitive neuroscience research, to fundamental electronic circuits to signal and information processing, and to system realization and evaluation. The short-term research objective is to exploit computational intelligence methodologies for brain-machine Interface, and the long-term goal is to incorporate bio-inspired, brain-like computational capabilities into next-generation computers and robots.

If you are interested in our position, please contact us with uts.cibci@gmail.com or +61 2 9514 1687

CIBCI: http://uts-cibci.center/bci
Director Professor CT Lin: https://www.uts.edu.au/staff/chin-teng.lin

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