1. EEG Recording System

High-density wet-sensor-based EEG measurement device to catch high-fidelity EEG data during complex cognitive experiments.

Maglink RT brochureUSA.eps

Compumedics Neuroscan: Synamps 2/RT 256-channel EEG/EP/ERP  is the most advanced and versatile amplifier, capable of recording true DC potentials contained in cognitive potentials.


Xsensor 3D Electrode Digitizer System:  The system takes care of the electrode digitization procedure and records, visualizes and stores the digitized electrode positions.

2. Biomedical circuit system & IC test system

Instruments for developing wearable, wireless EEG devices from sensors to systems like High-speed oscilloscope, Power amplifier, Power supply, Stimulator, Cables and adapters, Anti-vibration table, PCs.


3. Workstations

Computer cluster for high-density long time EEG signal analysis.


4. Physiological signal recording system

Multi-modality BCI has attracted a lot of attention due to its high reliability for real-life application of BCI. It can record various kind of physiologic signals in addition to EEG signals, includes ECG, eye movement, pupil parameters, etc.


5. MRI-compatible EEG system

To record EEG data and MRI data simultaneously to produce high-impact research results and papers.

MicroMaglink image

The new MicroMagLink system is used for obtaining integrated EEG and EP/ERP recordings inside the fMRI and MEG whereas the passive MicroMagLink system provides the ability to record during the pulse sequence without compromising the raw EEG data.

6. 360-degree Treadmill

The Treadmill was immersed in a Virtual Reality (VR) environment. It can be used to perform advanced BCI researches by recording brain EEG data in various kinds of body movements , to study the brain dynamics of users during various conditions, such as walking, running, jumping, spatial navigation, decision making, etc.


The Virtuix Omni treadmill supports basic game functions such as walking, running, and jumping, through partial and full-body movements.

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