1393321748943114971MINDO offers numerous convenience and comfort advantages. First and foremost is that the data quality is comparable to that obtained with wet-electrode systems but without the need for skin abrasion or preparation and no gels. Secondly, the headset is very easy to wear and remove, even allowing trained users to put it on themselves in very little time. Thirdly, users invariably report that it is very comfortable, and if they have had any wet electrode experience, they praise the lack of gels. Fourthly, it is wireless and thus allows recordings without being tethered to a computer, and subjects are thus able to move freely around the room/office.

MINDO includes wearable, wireless dry electrodes that allow high temporal resolution EEG monitoring in realistic operational environments, and electronics for biologically inspired information management. It is a novel multi-channel EEG device that allows you to control games, monitor sleeping stages, improve concentration, and make your life better!


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