Research Impacts

Achievements of Technology Transfer

Seven technology transfers were achieved from 2011 to 2013. These technology transfers lead to NT$ 26 million of technology transfer income, including US$ 470,000 (approximately NT$ 14 million) obtained from technology transfer to the U.S. Defense company (DCS), setting a rare record of the high income of technology transfer to the foreign company in Taiwan. Please refer to the following list of the technology transfer.

Name of TechnologyThe Unit to which the technology is transferredIncome (NTD)
The System for ECG Signal Capture & DetectionNetown Corporation200,000
The System For Sports Equipment, Health Examination, and GamingRobot Designer Lab250,000
i-Care Auto Health Care SystemFarglory Land Development4,375,000 (50%)
Health Care SystemFarglory Land Development1,500,000 (50%)
ARL CAN CTA Task for Electroencephalograph Systems for Experimentation in Everyday Environments (64 channels) *U. S. Army Research Lab3,000,000
The Method for Extracting EKG SignalsNetown Corporation140,000
High-level Wireless EEG SystemDCS Corporation (US)14,000,000
Total: 24,005,000 (NTD)

Domestic and International Academic and Industrial Exchange

Our research achievements lead to domestic and international academic exchange through technology transfer or collaborative research. People are using MINDO multi-channel dry-sensor EEG devices from all over the world, and they apply MINDO devices into BCI applications and other research fields widely. There are 38 institutes using MINDO devices in total, and their locations are scattered over Asia (18), North America (16), and Europe (4). For example, there are 18 institutes using MINDO in Asia, which include of Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, China, India, and Malaysia. Total service income is over USD$150,000 by providing this leading technologies to the world.


In Americas, 16 collaborative units are located in the U.S..


In Europe, 4 collaborative units are located in Germany,


Application Domains of Mindo

Our research achievements are in the leading position on the technology of brain-machine interface, and can keep pace with the world-class companies. Brain Computer Interface focuses on the interaction between the brain (mind) and the machine (computer) in which the user is able to use her/his brainwaves to control the computer games or interact with the virtual-reality environments. Therefore, our new and novel EEG (brainwaves) acquisition system can enhance the value of products in the industry of biomedical engineering, and our analysis technologies of EEG signals are forward-looking and innovative as well. Furthermore, our research achievements can be applied in other research realms, including Healthcare/homecare, mindfulness/attention Training, clinical research and Medical Treatment, and Safety Monitor.


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