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EEG recording systems

  • Compumedics Neuroscan: Synamps 2/RT 256-channel EEG/EP/ERP is the most advanced and versatile amplifier, capable of recording true DC potentials contained in cognitive potentials. We use this high-density wet-sensor-based EEG measurement device to catch high-fidelity EEG data during complex cognitive experiments.
  • Mindo EEG systems: Mindo featuring wearable and wireless dry electrodes that allow high temporal resolution EEG monitoring in realistic operational environments, and electronics for biologically inspired information management.

Virtual reality and augmented reality headsets

  • HTC Vive
  • Microsoft Hololens

Omnidirectional treadmill

We use an omnidirectional treadmill to perform advanced BCI researches by recording brain EEG data in various kinds of body movements, to study the brain dynamics of users during various conditions, such as walking, running, jumping, spatial navigation and decision making.

Driving simulator (building)

We are building an immersive simulator at UTS workspace at Botany. This proposal aims to provide a virtual-reality environment with a motion platform for vehicle/flight simulation. The research environment will also be equipped with EEG device for real-time brain imaging. The space is essential to better understand how peoples’ brain activity fluctuates in operational environments and to design the next-generation human-machine systems.

Computing clusters

The CI&BCI has a network of workstations running Linux and Windows, plus 10 TB of online storage, interconnected by gigabit Ethernet. The large computational cluster allows efficient performance of large computations in high-density physiological data analysis.