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Translational Neuroscience

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Investigate natural cognition in operational environments

We integrate virtual-reality technology with brain imaging device to investigate human natural cognition. Neurophysiological evidence of mutual relationships between behavioral performance and neurocognition in complex task paradigms and experimental environments elucidate our understanding of distributed brain dynamics, supporting natural human cognition and complex coordinated, multi-joint naturalistic behavior, and lead to improved understanding of brain-behavior relations in operating environments.

Decipher brain signatures of cognitive lapses, drowsiness, and motion sickness

By applying Intelligent Information Technology and Fuzzy Neural Network to the area of cognition neuroscience, we thoroughly investigate brain dynamics of a driver, especially when momentary cognitive lapses, drowsiness and motion-sickness are experienced. We also discover models and novel methods for the identification and interpretation of statistical relationships among high-dimensional data sets characterizing the dynamics of environment, behavior, and brain function during complex task performance.

Develop on-line closed-loop systems for human performance augmentation

We translate laboratory-oriented neurophysiological researches to design, develop, and test on-line closed-loop lapse detection and mitigation system featuring a mobile wireless dry-sensor EEG headgear, real-time EEG processing, artifact removal technology, cognitive state monitoring algorithm, and warning feedback system. When drivers experience lapses or fail to respond to emergency events during driving, auditory warning will be delivered to rectify the performance decrements.